With a strong quality assurance system, Campiña Verde guarantees top performance. In the context of a global and anonymous market for organic fruit and vegetables, Campiña Verde proves to be an essential link between the organic growers and the market in the target countries. Through in-depth sector knowledge and active collaboration with growers and suppliers, Campiña Verde is able to effectively optimize product quality, food safety and sustainability in all links of the supply chain.

Commitment to quality culture and product safety

We ensure the safety of our products by consistently adhering to various standards such as GlobalGAP (producers), IFS Food (packing houses) and IFS Logistics (transport companies). In addition, all our growers and suppliers are inspected and certified in accordance with the EU Organic Regulation.

Through the daily presence of our own quality staff members at the suppliers’ packing plants and the performance of regular supplier audits, we ensure that the production conditions are appropriate and consistently comply with the practices defined in the above-mentioned standards.

We ensure the highest quality and freshness of our products through comprehensive and daily quality controls at the origin of the goods and in the logistics centers in the destination countries.

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Inspired by the Code of Good Organic Practice of the Anti-Fraud Initiative (AFI), we take the following measures to ensure that the organic products we market meet consumers expectations:

  • We take social responsibility for our part of the supply chain to preserve and protect the integrity of the organic industry as a whole.
  • We are an active player in the organic sector and participate in the development of projects to promote organic farming.
  • We build sustainable, committed and lasting business relationships along the entire value chain and work with fair pricing.
  • We value full transparency of the value chain and communicate this publicly.
  • We intend to communicate openly on all relevant topics with other players in the sector as well as with inspection bodies and competent authorities.
  • We support the harmonization of the organic farming system and the management of non-conformities
  • We have established a quality management system whose approach takes into account the specific requirements of organic production and ensures the authenticity of organic products.