Today, growing environmental and social problems require from us as a company to take responsibility and find answers to social and ecological challenges. REWE Group has taken a leading role in food sustainability in Europe. With safe, high-quality and competitive food from sustainable and ecological production, we are trying to meet the growing expectations of consumers for more sustainability.

The challenge for Campiña Verde is to reconcile the following four objectives:
1 .
Highest product quality and organic integrity
2 .
Optimization of the price-performance ratio
3 .
Securing the supply of goods
4 .
Sustainability along the entire value chain
The aim is to exceed customer expectations

Consumers of foodstuffs are increasingly informing themselves about its origin and production conditions. When buying organic fruit and vegetables, customers today not only expect a guarantee that they are free from pesticides, but also that they make a significant contribution to nature conservation (diverse agricultural ecosystems) and are grown in a way that conserves resources (water and energy consumption, etc.). Ensuring good social practice on the production farms is a prerequisite (fair conditions for production companies and field workers).

As Campiña Verde, we want to contribute to the fulfillment of the above-mentioned basic principles of organic farming in our supply chains. To this end, we are actively involved in REWE Group sustainability projects.

The aim is to maintain and develop long-term and fair business relationships with suppliers and logistics partners. Cooperation with our partners should always be based on respect, a willingness to engage in dialog and transparency.

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Securing the price of the product is particularly important. This must be sustainable for the supplier and at the same time competitive and attractive for the consumer.


Campiña Verde strives to agree the most precise purchase quantities possible with its suppliers by aligning its seasonal planning with demand in previous years

For the customer, quality and security of supply are paramount. The challenge for Campiña Verde and its partners is to continuously optimize all supply processes. From production to packaging, logistics, quality control, order picking and delivery logistics, the aim is to maintain and, where possible, increase sustainability and competitiveness.

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Environmental responsibility
Primary product
Primary product

Organic growers work in harmony with nature and do not use synthetic chemical pesticides or easily soluble mineral fertilizers. They therefore make a significant contribution to climate and environmental protection.

Campiña Verde only markets organic products and creates incentives to promote the best organic farms.

Handling and packaging
Handling and packaging

Together with REWE, we are continuously working on optimizing the packaging of our organic products according to sustainability criteria. The challenge is to use as little packaging as possible and to make it as environmentally friendly and recyclable as possible. At the same time, product protection (quality and shelf life) and distinctiveness as organic food must always be guaranteed.


The majority of the organic products procured by Campiña Verde are produced and packaged in southern Spain and then transported to our customers by truck. Our long-standing transport partners meet the highest environmental standards by using low-emission engines and participating in initiatives such as “Lean&Green”.

Goods from overseas are always transported by ship. Transportation by air is categorically ruled out for our organic products due to the associated high emissions of CO2.

CO2 footprint
CO2 footprint

Campiña Verde has been calculating a CO2 footprint for the company (including transportation processes) since 2023. We strive for climate neutrality and set ourselves CO2 reduction targets (SBTI compliant).

All partner companies are sensitized to the topic of CO2 reduction.

Ethics and responsibility for staff

At Campiña Verde, we try to find individual working solutions that respect the personal circumstances of our staff. Flexible working hours and the possibility of part-time work and remote work make it easier to combine family and private life.

The aim is to create a positive and pleasant working environment in which a good sense of community and team spirit is developed.

As a company, we also attach great importance to continuous further training for our staff.

Campiña Verde has a clear commitment to promoting equal opportunities between women and men, which is reflected in all the measures we implement across all areas. For this reason, the company has implemented an equal opportunities plan for women and men. This follows the legal guidelines and integrates the principle of equal treatment.

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At Campiña Verde, we attach great importance to compliance with legal regulations. We have implemented processes to ensure the proper execution of our activities. This applies throughout our company and in our relationships with our business partners.