Campiña Verde specializes in the procurement and quality assurance of fresh organic fruit and vegetables for REWE Group’s own brands. HISTORY

Even before the first EU organic regulation came into force in 1991 (Regulation (EEC) No. 2092/91), the company’s founders were actively involved in the development of organic farming in southern Spain. In addition to advising on organic cultivation practices, the first companies were supported in marketing their organic products on the emerging markets in Central and Northern Europe at the beginning of the 1990s.

What began with the marketing of organic avocados and organic citrus fruits has continuously developed over the years into a wide range of fresh organic fruit and vegetable products. At the same time, demand for these products has increased on the European markets.

Due to the geographical proximity of the company in Córdoba, Campiña Verde was long perceived by its customers as a company representing the interests of organic farmers from Andalusia. A reorientation of the company began at the end of the 1990s due to the close and growing cooperation with the REWE Group. With its own organic brand “Füllhorn”, Rewe was one of the first food retailers in Germany to offer organic products in its stores. As a result of REWE’s commitment to organic products, Campiña Verde’s customer focus became more important and, in return, our suppliers received secure supply agreements for ever larger delivery volumes.

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The continuously growing cooperation with the REWE Group was a key element in the company’s expansion. The steadily increasing delivery volumes have also had a significant influence on the growth of organic fruit and vegetable cultivation in southern Spain.

In 2008, Campiña Verde finally entered a new phase with the REWE Group’s participation in the company. This participation was expanded over the years and led to full integration into REWE Group in 2016.