Legal Warning

General information


The page is an Internet domain which contains a Website, owned by CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. with Spanish Tax Code B-14460588 and with registered address in C/ Lucano, 13, Postal Code 14003 Córdoba and general e-mail address


The purpose of the Webpage of CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U., is to provide the user and customer with information related to the company’s activities and services.


With this Webpage, CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. intends to provide a useful service so user’s suggestions are welcome. But if you are not in agreement with any of the conditions contained in this warning, you should stop using the Webpage of CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. Accessing the website implies the unreserved acceptance of these conditions. The use of specific services offered at this site shall be ruled, additionally, by the specific conditions stated in each case, which shall be deemed to have been accepted with the mere use of these services.


Conditions for website use


The conditions established below regulate the allowed use of the Webpage

1. Access. There are specific parts of the Webpage whose access is reserved for customers, by means of a username and a password. The users not authorised accordingly may visit the public sections of the website, without ever trying to access the restricted access areas, unless they have been authorised to do so through the assignment of a username and a password.

2. Changes to the page and access interruptions or errors CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. reserves the ability to perform, at any time and without prior warning, changes and updates to the information contained in the Webpage, the settings and its presentation and the access conditions.

CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. is not responsible for the failures that arise in notifications, not guaranteeing the availability and continuity of the function of the website and the services, as a result, CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. does not guarantee the inexistence of interruptions or errors in access to the Webpage or its content. CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. shall perform, as long as causes do not occur which make it’s execution impossible or difficult, and as soon as it is notified of the errors, disconnections or lack of updating content, any tasks required to amend the errors, re-establish communication and update content.

3. Intellectual property. Unless expressly indicated otherwise, the content of the Webpage, images, texts and data are the property of CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. Additionally, the source code and browsing structure is the property of CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. is responsible for the exclusive exercise of the operating rights in any form, and particularly the rights of reproduction, distribution, public notification and transformation. All of this material is protected by intellectual property legislation and its improper use may be subject to penalties, even criminal charges.

The consultation or download of content from the page or any software shall not imply the ending of any intellectual or industrial property rights.

The visualisation, printing and partial download of the content of the Webpage is authorised solely and exclusively if the following conditions are met:

It is compatible with the aims of the Webpage.
It is not performed for commercial purposes or its distribution, public notification or transformation.
None of the Webpage’s content may be modified.
No graph, icon or image available on the Website may be used, copied or distributed separately from the text or the rest of the images that accompany it.
The source is mentioned.
All the information received in these pages, such as comments, suggestions or ideas, shall be deemed to have been provided free of charge. Do not send information that may not be processed accordingly.

4. Security. CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, aware of the risks derived from facing the new challenges that arise through providing our services by Internet and it avails of stringent security measures to reduce these risks.

Notwithstanding, CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. cannot guarantee the absolute invulnerability of its security systems, which excludes it from any type of responsibility due to damages and harms of any kind that may result from the presence of a virus or other elements that may produce changes in the computer system (software and hardware), electronic documents and files belonging to the user or any third party, including those arising from the services provided by third parties through this website.

The users are informed that the use of the electronic systems for transferring data and e-mail do not offer absolute security guarantees. The user and CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. are mutually exonerated of any responsibility deriving from events such as the failure to receive or delay, error or interception of communications.

5. Linked content and pages. The information contained on this Webpage, has a merely informative nature; and, in no case, constitutes any type of contractual obligation.

The function of the links which appear in this page is exclusively to inform the user of the existence of other sources of information on the subject in the Internet, where data offered on this page may be expanded or completed. CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. shall not be responsible for the results obtained through these links.

In any case, CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. is not responsible for any derivative of the content linked to from its webpage, nor does it guarantee the absence of a virus or other elements that may cause alterations to the computer system (hardware and software), the documents or user files, excluding itself from any responsibility for damages to the user of any kind caused as a result.

While the links are regularly monitored so that it does not happen, in the case that any user or third party deems that the content or the services provided by the pages linked are illegal, violate constitutional values or principles, or damage assets or rights of the user or a third party, it is recommended to immediately notify CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U.C/ Lucano, 13, Postal Code 14003 Córdoba or of this circumstance, and particularly if the links consist of:

Activities or content susceptible to being deemed criminal in accordance with Spanish criminal regulations.
Activities or content that violates intellectual or industrial property rights.
Activities or content that endangers public order, criminal investigation, public security and national defence.
Activities or content that endangers the protection of public health, respect for a person’s dignity, the principle of no discrimination, protection of health and infancy or any other constitutional value or principle.

6. Personal data protection. The personal data linked to this Website respects the demands of the legislation in force regarding personal data protection.

CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. shall process the personal data that is gathered through this Website by complying with the regulations in force on data protection.


  • the inclusion in files is entirely voluntary and duly announced;
  • the files which include personal data are registered in the relevant Data Protection Agencies and protected by the security means demanded by legislation.-
  • the data shall only be used for the purpose that it is gathered for; –
  • all the people that are included in the file created may exercise the rights to access, rectification, erasure and portability of their data, and restriction or objection to its processing, to remove the consent provided and complain to the SDPA, in the manner stated by the data protection legislation in force.
  • Unless indicated otherwise, the data processor shall be CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U., with an address at C/ Lucano, 13, Postal Code 14003 Córdoba, where the user may write to exercise their rights.

7. Link to third parties at the Website Every third-party link to the Website should do so to the main page, with “deep links”, “framing” and any other use of the Web content by unauthorised third parties been expressly forbidden.

8. Responsibilities: CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. shall not, in any case, be responsible, for the damages and losses of any kind derived, directly or indirectly, from the failure to read this warning, or the breach of specific obligations in the conditions established therein. Additionally, in agreement with that stated in these conditions, CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. excludes itself from any responsibility due to damages and losses of any nature that may be caused by the transfer, dissemination, storage, availability, receipt, obtaining or access to the Webpage or its content.

CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U., therefore, is not responsible for the improper use of the website and its content and services, nor may it guarantee, in spite of its nature, the certainty of its content. Similarly, it does not guarantee the truth of the advertising content of any asset, product or service announced.

The user shall be responsible for the damages and losses that a negligent attitude may cause this website.

9. Jurisdiction. CAMPIÑA VERDE ECOSOL, S.L.U. and the user, by expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction, are subject to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Córdoba in the case of any conflict that may derive from the access to or use of the Website.